Have you been on antibiotics this winter? Have you considered taking probiotics to replenish your gut bacteria and improve your digestive health? Current research is revealing that our gut bacteria have a big influence on our body, especially the immune system.

Adding in probiotics after antibiotic treatment through natural or synthesised forms has been shown to help re-establish good Gastro-intestinal health. However, these bacteria need a diet high in pre-biotics to multiply and colonise the gut.

There are three types of fibre; Soluble fibre, Insoluble fibre, and Resistance starch. Each of these play a slightly different role and have positive effects on digestive health, cardiovascular health and blood glucose control.  Accredited Practicing Dietitian can support you in gradually increasing the correct type of dietary fibre according to your health into your everyday diet.

Gauri Donald, our current Practicing Dietitian is taking Maternity leave from this month. Stephanie Liang will be replacing Gauri as our Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Stephanie is an Honours Graduate from The University of Sydney and is passionate about healthy eating, weight loss, bariatric surgery nutrition, cardio vascular health, diabetes, vegetarian/vegan diets and digestive health. Stephanie is interested in a variety of cuisines and is experienced in providing advice for Australian, Chinese, Mediterranean, as well as South Asian diets.

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