Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy care/preconception counselling

 Pregnancy is an important event in women’s life.  Did you know that there are a set of recommended blood tests before pregnancy?  This is to optimise the well-being of a future mother and ensure an adequate level of immunity to prevent a fetus from viral illnesses which can cause congenital deformities. 

There are also genetic screening options available for healthy couples called reproductive carrier screening (RCS).  This includes diseases such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X-syndrome, and spinal muscular atrophy.  Having no family history of these conditions does not mean you are not a carrier. 

Our doctors are experienced in discussing this test (, and can be organised onsite. 

If you want to deliver at public hospitals such as RNSH or Hornsby Hospital, all our doctors are registered to provide GP-shared antenatal care.  This means half of the pregnancy visits can be done at the Madison Medical Practice Northbridge on the day and time that is convenient for you.  Not only that, we also use a portable ultrasound scan to visualise your unborn baby*.  The images can be emailed to you if requested. 

*it is not a formal scan and cannot detect abnormalities.