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Superior Pathology Services In The Proximity of Naremburn

Experience exceptional pathology services close to Naremburn. The Madison Medical Practice in Northbridge stands as the leading choice for many patients looking for Pathology in Naremburn and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to high-standard patient care and state-of-the-art technology in General Practice makes us a primary choice.

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Your Trustworthy Diagnostic Partner

Our association with the acclaimed Australian Clinical Laboratories enhances our capability to provide top-notch diagnostic services. A fully-equipped, in-house laboratory, managed by Australian Clinical Laboratories, facilitates accurate and prompt processing of tests to ensure you receive results in a timely manner. This allows for expedited diagnoses and faster treatment plans.

Our Commitment To Patient Care and Health

At The Madison Medical Practice Northbridge, your well-being is our top priority. We believe in a pre-emptive approach to health, fostering wellness and preventing disease through our broad selection of medical and pathological services. Please note, our Pathology services are add on services provided by Australian Clinical Laboratories, independent to The Madison Medical Practice but located onsite for the convenience of our patients.

Excellence In Pathological Diagnostic

Pathology is a critical aspect of healthcare services, and pursuing it in the right place is essential. The Madison Medical Practice Northbridge provides excellent pathological tests in close proximity to Naremburn. Whether you’re a Naremburn resident or located nearby, you can rely on our professional and efficient services to cater to your medical needs.

Why Choose The Madison Medical Practice Northbridge?

  • In-house laboratory: Expedited and precise test results.
  • Quality care: Committed to patient dignity and respect.
  • Convenient location: Situated near Naremburn, accessible to the local community.
  • Modern approach: Using the latest technologies in General Practice.
  • Holistic healthcare: We promote health, wellbeing and disease prevention.

The Madison Medical Practice Northbridge is here to serve your pathology needs. You can reach us on (02) 9000 9955 for any queries, or schedule your visit.

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