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Integrated Pathology Services Near Middle Cove

At The Madison Medical Practice in Northbridge, we provide our patients with comprehensive healthcare services, including convenient on-site Pathology. Our practice houses Australian Clinical Laboratories, an independent Pathology provider, offering a wide range of diagnostic testing and services. Standing as experts in their field, they add an additional layer of care to our holistic healthcare approach.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that everyone deserves access to quality General Practice care. Combining empathy with expertise, we strive for positive health outcomes for every one of our patients.
  • Our holistic approach ensures a thorough diagnosis and strategic management of illness. We aim to guide you through the entire process for optimum recovery.
  • At our core lies a rigorous commitment to health, wellbeing and disease prevention. Our entire team is devoted to ensuring that every patient can enjoy a vibrant and healthy life from today.

Why Opt for Pathology in Northbridge?

Whether you’ve been referred for specific pathology testing or require routine health checks, The Madison Medical Practice ensures clear, convenient and compassionate care at each step. Our Northbridge location, close to Middle Cove, offers you personalised services from local professionals, regardless of your medical needs.

By co-locating with Australian Clinical Laboratories, we offer you a seamless transition from consultations with our General Practitioners to your necessary testing which, in turn, supports a more rapid diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Ready to experience comprehensive General Practice care, including on-site pathology services, close to Middle Cove? Connect with The Madison Medical Practice Northbridge on (02) 9000 9955.

Acknowledging Your Trust

Remember that our Pathology service is an independent service, and is not run by The Madison Medical Practice. We utilize the services of Australian Clinical Laboratories for all pathology collections. We value your trust and ensure every effort to maintain your confidentiality and meet the highest standards in patient care.

Whether you need a specialist’s referral or a simple health inquiry, trust us for your Pathology needs in close proximity to Middle Cove. It’s time to put your health priorities first and let our professionals guide you towards better health. Contact us today!

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